Friday, December 25, 2009

Hair Styling Heaven

I wonder if this a record breaking number - 24 hair styling saloons set up at the few blocks of shops around the Community Centre. This is not even the town centre of the estate.

I started noticing the mushrooming of hair styling saloons some months back. How can they survive with such steep competition ? Some are already slashing prices, offering special packages, while others charging only $3 plus for a hair cut.

Many years back, this 'mushrooming' effect happened to those bubble tea shops. They closed down one by one. There were less than 10 of them at that time but you already see them at ever turn of corner. Then came the life style bread shops taking after BreadTalk concept. Think there were around 6 of them but it was already too many, for again the older ones were force out of competition by the new set up.

Now the area has become a hair styling heaven for those looking for such services. Plenty of choices - shop for hair styling services amongst the 24 saloons. But likely their numbers will dwindled in a few months time. There is simply not enough heads, nor speedy hair length growth in the neighborhood to support such so many hair stylists.

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