Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Walk The Talk for goodness sake

Those PAP ministers, MPs and their academic supporters should come down from their ivory towers to experience ground reality.  It is sickening to hear them spouting illogical reasons in support of the population white paper of having 6.9 million. The latest idiot to throw his support behind the white paper is Professor Ng Yew Kwang. Any layman has more common sense than this Prof Ng -  typical permanent head damage guy going by his reasons why we should have 6.9 million.

They should learn from CEO of Taiwan's High Speed Reail Corp, Dr Ou Chin-der.  Dr Ou walks the talk, unlike our PAP men and their academic supporters living in their airy castles.

Dr Ou's philosophy is : You must work with the people, you don't just give instructions. People need to know the reason and when they know, you get consensus. Dr Ou is a firm believer in 'management by walkabout'.  Instead of  'I am watching you' he motivates his staff by letting them know 'I am working with you'. 

As a CEO, he is very much in touch with the ground as he has the habit of always boarding a train (his company's) at the first carriage, so that he can walk down the entire train for an inspection. He boards the train from Taipei and visit all the stations down the line to Kaoshsiung.

Dr Ou was involved in the construction of S'pore Changi Airport and Marina Centre district. Dr Ou has a reputation for crisis management for Taiwan's infrastructure problems. Since PAP loves foreign talent, we should get Dr Ou to head SMRT. Getting an expert with relevant experience is definitely better than our current SMRT CEO who is an ex-army chap. No wonder our MRT woes are getting from bad to worst.

PAP could also consider Dr Ou as a candidate to replace our PM (another ex-army chap). We need leadership like his to get S'pore out of the rot created by PM and his PAP gang over the last decade.

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