Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Patients' woes due to overloaded Hospitals

Our hospitals are so over loaded that to get a doctor appointment, the normal waiting time is 3 months. If we get get to see a doctor within 2 months - it is consider 'urgent' case and doctor make special arrangement to 'squeeze' you in the schedule.

Then, diagnosis can take months and we will be send for numerous tests. If the tests turn out normal, another 2 to 3 months waiting time, more tests....the cycle repeats itself. No treatment given as the doctor still don't know what is wrong with us.

So by the time the hospital found out what is wrong with us, our sickness will have deteriorate drastically or near terminal stage. All the money and time wasted just to end up seriously or terminally ill.

In S'pore - better to eat and enjoy before dying rather than waste so much money and being frustrated in the hospital before coming to the same end.

Of course if one can afford private healthcare and pay a premium, being 'sick' can be 'smoother' ride. Average S'poreans who cannot pay up have to depend on 'subsidy' - it is a long journey of wait..wait and wait be it for consultation or treatment in hospitals.

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