Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tests done in Polyclinic vs Hospital

Cost of investigation tests relating to blood and urine varies substantially when done in Polyclinic vs CGH (even with subsidy). The main thing to note is that both Polyclinic and CGH use the same testing laboratory, which is SGH.

In Polyclinic, doing a full blood count, thyroid panel, renal panel plus another 3 items cost only $12.50 in total for 6 investigating tests. 

CGH charges would be :  full blood count $3.13, thyroid panel $32 and renal panel $13.57 totaling $48.70 just for 3 tests. This is almost 300% more than Polyclinic ! And remember, they send to the same testing laboratory in SGH.

These are common investigation tests. For those not common ones, CGH charges are very high. For example, Myeloma panel test even with subsidy cost nearly $100. Without subsidy it is close to $500.

I started off consulting Polyclinic for my leg numbness. After a few consultation and some tests, they send me to CGH specialist. Now after 2 rounds of consultations and numerous tests (MRI, nerve conduction, blood & urine) at CGH, costing more than $600 - I am no closer to knowing the cause of my problem.  Nothing is done to relieve my numbness - it is just one test after another with each consultation.

Healthcare is very expensive in S'pore even with subsidy.  We have to come out cash for our healthcare expenses to meet chronic health care needs as we aged. We have no access to our own saving  in CPF medisave account, which is for medical needs. Only the govt can use our CPF money as they like for investment and loan out to other govt statutory boards. They have an iron grip on money that do NOT belong to them. Uniquely Singapore indeed as we the citizens have no access to our own money in CPF.

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