Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Changi Hospital - 'blur' admin and system

Changi Hospital (CGH) has 'blur' administration and system. I was sent for 12 medical tests (blood & urine) as the doctor was trying to find out the cause of my feet numbness.

I sent an email (15 Feb 13) request for a copy of the test results. They called me when it was ready and I went down to CGH to collect them on 22 Feb. To my disappointment, 4 reports were missing. I called the CGH medical report department and the officer did not even know that the data was not complete. I listed out the missing reports for her.

I went down to CGH a second time on 26 Feb to collect the 4 missing reports. This time, I checked the reports before leaving. To my annoyance, 3 of the reports have no test results on them. They only state the 3 reference sites to get records. (eg. SGH, NUH, CGH)

Hello, what sort of blur administration CGH has? First it is incomplete report, and now they give me 'blank' reports!  After I pointed out to them, I had to wait around an hour before they manage to retrieve 2 reports for me. For the last missing report, I was told it is 'sensitive' and they couldn't access it. They said they will get 'permission' to retrieve the report before sending it to me.

As I made advance notice request, they should have ample time to retrieve what ever sensitive report before asking me to go there, not once but TWICE to collect them.  Basically, they don't know what they are doing- just blur sotong.

This is not my 1st lousy experience with CGH. In Feb 2009 I went for day operation on my left thumb and they billed me for hospitalization bed and x-ray charges. I was not hospitalized nor was x-ray done on me.

I wrote in to point out the error to them and reminded them that I will be going for another operation which was on my right thumb in April 09, hoping that similar inconvenient would not happen again.

Alas ! The next bill had the same error ! When I asked for an explanation, they told me CGH system automatically bill for such items, unless the items were manually 'unchecked'.  Wow!  CGH could have over charged many of their patients then!  Most folks do not go through their bill in detail since it has a long list of items and looked daunting.

Hospital which is suppose to be efficient have 'blur' administration and system. Thus, we need to be pro-active and never be too trusting, as their mistake(s)  is/are at our expense.

Latest Update - looks like I have to make the 3rd trip to CGH to collect the last missing report. I called them up to check on the status and was told by that 'sensitive' report cannot be posted but has to be collected personally. What on earth is going on. CGH Medical Report Dept staff are not even familiar with their own policy and procedure. Sigh ....

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