Friday, March 29, 2013

Things are NOT WELL in Singapore

Came across a good article by in a blog. For details :

Summary :
1) our national average SALARY is significantly LOWER than our GDP per capital by 41%

2) We have the 2nd HIGHEST income INEQUALITY amongst economically developed countries.

3) The same goes for our very LOW PURCHASING power

3) We fork out the HIGHEST for our HEALTHCARE cost amongst developed countries (63.9%)

4) We also have the LOWEST RETIREMENT income

1) S'pore has the 2nd HIGHEST CASH surplus

2) Our RESERVE is the 3rd HIGHEST

3) Our POLITICAL leaders' salary is the HIGHEST in the World

"Singapore is in dire need for bold and dynamic changes to kick start our chugging engine. Our government is losing its moral authority at an ever quickening pace, where the trust among the people towards it is eroding at light speed. Such is the state of being when a government forgets its responsibility towards the people that had put it in power. "

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