Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ask The Minister

Channel News Asia (CNA) runs a new program on "Ask The Minister", whereby each week, a minister will be invited to the program to interact with audience over the internet (both audio + visual) to discuss on the policy under his/her ministry.

This week it was Mr Heng from the Ministry of Education. At the end of the program, as a round off, he was asked what is the one thing he would want to fix within these 2 years.  Sigh! He gave a l-o-n-g winded answer without answering the question. Looks like he is clueless how to go about 'righting' and improving the education system in S'pore.

So there he goes - saying that he want to help every students to succeed...blah...blah. He wants to help every educator to succeed.....blah...blah.... But exactly what does he need to do (fix) in order to help students and educators to succeed ?? We are left clueless.

Likely some enlightened bloggers could provide the answer though they are not head of education ministry nor paid an obscene salary to think through the problem. Actually Mr Heng does not even need to think, as he has so many 'capable' staff under him to do the job of thinking for him. Perhaps this could be the reason he is clueless on what he needs to do, as he is awaiting feedback from his staff.

Mr Heng is another typical PAP minister - talks a lot without substance. Currently, most PAP ministers are pretending learning to listen to public feedback, though they still go off tangent when answering critical questions which make them uncomfortable. Or they would use their infamous strategy of asking back - "What do you think?"  instead of providing an answer.

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