Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Irritating standard answers from CPF Board

Phone call enquiry to CPF Board is out of the question, unless one has plenty of time to spare and very patient. Their line is perpetually 'hot'. After listening to tons of options and make the necessary selections, you will be told you are the 8th in the queue (normally some large number) - a very long wait indeed.

Writing to them also test one's patient, as CPF just like any other typical govt organisations - loves to give standard answer to any enquiry, including general ones.

As our govt CPF policies are so complicated, most elderly folks are easier fooled by them. For example, the recent govt medisave top up announcement. My aunt in her 80s phoned my mum to express her delight that the govt is topping up her medisave a/c. But to my understanding, she is not cover by medishield (my aunt is a homemaker all her life).  The recent govt top-up to medisave is meant to offset the increase in medishield premium. Thus, she will not get the top up.

I decided to email to CPF to ask them if my aunt who has only medisave a/c but no medishield coverage, is  eligible for the top up.

Though expected, I still find it irritating that they reply with standard answer, which likely they copy and paste all the time. Their reply is : 
To enable us to assist you further, please provide us with your
aunt's NRIC/CPF Account number.
We would be pleased to assist if you require further
clarification. For more information on CPF, please
visit our website at or call us on
1800-227 1188 from Mondays to Fridays, 8am-5.30pm.
Can't they just answer a simple 'yes' or 'no', without asking
for unnecessary details and wasting public's time. 
Talk about productivity. This is a clear cut example of how
unproductive they are. 
Latest Update : After another round of correspondent with CPF-
it is confirm that those with NO Medishield a/c will not
receive any govt top-up to their CPF a/c 

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