Saturday, September 25, 2010

Final questions to SingPost

SingPost did not answer the question as to how much of their revenue is derive from junk mails. They are not addressing the issue and gave standard answers.

SingPost has failed in their social responsibility as they are indirectly causing the massive littering problem in all HDB estates due to the tons of junk mails being dumped into letter boxes.

Besides they are not supporting the green movement as they are encouraging business to advertise through printed paper instead of using internet and web base advertising.

HDB spent money to upgrade the letter boxes so that they could be lock up to discourage junk mails. This shows that most residents do not like junk mails.

SingPost - if you want to convince the public - do a survey and provide us with evidence and statistic to support your claim.

Why did HDB upgrade the letter box to enable the locking feature then ? Is this not wasting of public fund if SingPost insist upon delivering junk mails to us ?

May I suggest you audit your poster delivery staff to see if they are earning extra income delivery junk mails besides those ''offical junk'' mails assigned to them by SingPost

I suspect the tons of daily junk mails may be contributed by postal staff doing side line work.

SingPost is socially irresponsible and this only harm its corporate image. Look at the feedback and we know HDB residents do NOT like junk mails. It is ridiculous for SingPost to keep asking resident to write in to opt out of junk mails. SingPost should STOP all the spamming instead !

SingPost is the direct cause of vendors who have no access to lock postal boxes to leave all their advertising leftlets at the doorstep individual flat unit which post a security risk. When home owners are on holiday, these uncollected leaflets are an indicator that no one is at home - this is SECURITY RISK to home owners.

SingPost is causing so much problems and yet it is blinded by profit to keep igorning feedback. They should stop giving lame excuses for their social irresponsibility.

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