Thursday, September 16, 2010

YOG - wayang show on Budget

All these questions raised in Parliament would not shade light on what went wrong with the YOG (Youth Olympics Game) budget. Just another wayang show put up to pacify the public.

I notice that the 79.8 million under Miscellaneous item was not reported in 'Today' newspaper. This figure is reported in 'MyPaper'. Why did 'Today' not captured the figure in their reporting of the YOG breakdown list ?

79.8 million is the 2nd highest amount in the breakdown list. What consitute Miscellaneous ? Why so much of the budget went to Miscellaneous ? Normally it should consitute a small amount not such a large percentage of the total fund. There need to be a detail breakdown on what is Miscellaneous.

In fact, each of the listed items has to have a detail report on where the spending went. Just having a breakdown list tell us nothing if there is misused of fund.

I have personally witness wastage while working in a school which is one of those hosting YOG. Buying lots of unnecessary items and then leaving them to gather dust. It could be small ticket item but if purchase in bulk, the amount could be substantial. Besides many small ticket items add up to alot of money.

This is one area where fund could be misused, due to poor execution and lack of check and balance.

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