Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lesson On Harmony

Last Sunday, I brought my 9 years old nephew along with me during my morning round of saying hello to the strays and giving them their 'breakfast'.

Individual cat has its own 'patch' of cat biscuits given to it. There is a family of 3 cats which are happy eating together. The 2 kitties which have reached adulthood still hang around with their mother.

Then there are 2 ginger colour ones, one of which is a growing kitty unrelated to the adult female which eat together. When we approached the 3rd group of 2 male cats, the dominating one refused to let the other male eat, though they were some distant away from each other. He rather forgo his own food and pick a fight with the other cat. Both Tom cats were in bad shape, with wound marks. In the end, both did not touch their food as they were too busy quarreling.

I took this opportunity to talk to my nephew on living in harmony and sharing. Somehow this cat incident brings to mind the recent cases of gang fight in Singapore which resulted in serious injury and fatality.

Cats are like human - some are more tolerant than others.

The dominant cat is sterilised while the other male is not. I wonder if the Tom is really sterlised or someone cut his ear to give the impression he is ? Why is he so aggressive ? Could it be there is a difference in aggressive behaviour if the cat is sterilised before its 1st year and when it is done in its adulthood ? Or perhaps the method of sterilisation, tying the sperm ducts vs removal of the testicles ?

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