Saturday, September 25, 2010

Can SingPost exercise Social Responsibility

In recent years, there have been feedback regarding SingPost role in spamming HDB mail boxes with junk mails. Their standard reply is that if we do not want to be spam, we have to write in to them. Where is the logic? They are acting irresponsibily and also being a public nuisance by stuffing junks into our letter boxes daily.

Have SingPost collected statistic on the percentage of junk mails delivered per day ? From my own statistic, and I am confident it applies to other HDB residents as well, junk mails make up more than 50% of our daily mail.

Is SingPost deriving a large percentage of their revenue from delivering junk mail? If not why the reluctant to act on feedback from residents ?

Their action is contributing to the terrible littering situation around the letter box area. From my observation, it is not intentional littering. Our letter boxes are so full of junk mails that they fell off from the pile of mails when residents retrieve them. The bin next to the letter boxes is usually fill to the 'brim'. This only reflects the large quantity of junk mails stuff into our letter boxes daily.

SingPost action does not support the environmental green movement. They are encouraging and indirectly promoting unfriendly advertising method. Has profit blinded their social responsibility ?

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