Friday, September 10, 2010

We do NOT want a population of 6.5 millions !

As it is, crossing the population mark of 5 millions has seen great deterioration to the quality of life in S'pore. 6.5 millions is plain ridiculous as it is unstainable.

Overcrowding induces stress. We have seen it breaking out in the form of voices of unhappiness over foreign work force. S'poreans used to welcome our foreign friends with open arms. What is happening now is the doing of unwise govt policies. It happens in the natural world. Even same species of animals can turn aggressive against their own kind, (not to mention other species) when there is over crowding and shortage of food and space.

Do a thorough study and stop pushing for the target of 6.5 million. Situitions may have change. But more likely is that there were alot of factors the govt missed out during their conception plan for population growth. Adjust the policy instead of aiming blindly for the target set. Reduce and cap the population to below 5 million mark. The immigration numbers, PR and new citizenship should be adjusted annually based on birth and death rate.

Likely in the next decade, we will have emigration policies to encourage people to leave the country due to overcrowding and lack of housing. The target of such policies will probably be senior citizens - after all our govt always harbour fear of a welfare state and have been very practical to the point of being heartless. The elderly are consider non-productive thus not contributing to the growth spur which the govt has been chasing blindly over the years. So they will be given incentive - a token lump sum to sell their home and stay in a retirement home in our neighbouring country where it is a join venture business between S'pore and our neighbour. The local vacated flat will be the new home of the younger generation as they have difficulty getting housing due to over demand. So the govt is using one stone to kill 3 birds. Reduce senior population, tie over housing shortage and getting elderly into parting with their money by buying into govt retirement home venture.

Unlikely ? It could happen as we have seen lots of policies force down our throat over the years. In spite of our hugh reserve, when it comes to helping its citizen, the govt has been very cautious or rather 'stingy'. The budget amount on healthcare, education for special need children and public welfare is a small fraction of the billions Tamesak, GIC and the various Town Councils had lost over unwise investments. They think nothing of losing public fund on high risk ventures but very adverse to helping its own citizen.

They are famous in giving out token 'any pow' near election time. To buy the 'vote' in the guise of 'reward' or 'sharing' or some other nice sounding words to cover up their real intention.

Enough is enough. We the citizen can see through all these hypocratic acts.

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