Friday, September 10, 2010

Lasksa & Secret Recipe

It is heartening to learn that the local arm of Secret Recipe (a chain of eatery specialising in cakes and their award winning lamp stew) is starting a new set up to help special needs adults. These folks are currently train and help by various NGOs (non-government organisations) and homes. They will be offer employment in the factory kitchen of the new food chain set up by Secret Recipe.

The CEO of local Secret Recipe, Ms Sim Sin Sin is setting up a chain of eatery in various foodcourts and shopping centers to sell laska - one of S'pore favourite dishes. What makes them outstanding is that they will be offering different types of laska from all over Asia which promise to be a mouth watering rewarding experience for laska lovers. The first in S'pore (though their outlets in Malaysia are already doing it)

The stall name is Laskania (in Hokkien, it means it sells only laska). Do patronise them to statisfy your laska craving. Besides you will be helping Ms Sim in her effort to offer employment to these folks. Being independent do wonder for their self esteem. Let us all do our part to let them stand on their own feet. Eat laska all you can (without compromising your health) or at least once a week at Laskania ! Even if you are not into Laska, give it a try, you may change your mind.

So look out for Laskania openning day - akang datang (likely end of this year)

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