Saturday, September 25, 2010

Reply from SingPost

Typical reply which does not address feedback nor answer questions posed.

SingPost Reply by Patsie Tan Assistant Vice-President, Corporate Communications Singapore Post Limited

As a postal service provider, SingPost is obligated to deliver all mail, addressed and unaddressed, that meets the required standards for acceptance. This includes Admail, which is a service provided by postal organisations the world over.

Admail provides consumers with information, choices and offers on products and services. Feedback from residents has indicated that maildrops of promotional offers and savings-coupons enable them to purchase items at preferred pricing (for example consumer goods like detergents), while some residents enjoy reading free magazines/annuals as they are kept informed of the latest trends and ideas.

For businesses, Admail is a viable option to reach out to their customers in a cost-effective and targeted way, supplementing other advertising media like newspapers and TV advertisements.

Government agencies have also found Admail an effective tool to reach out to the general population particularly in the dissemination of information and material in their war against Sars, dengue and bird flu.

SingPost is one of several companies in Singapore that deliver Admail. Many appreciate and patronise the products and services being promoted in these Admail and would not consider such material "junk". Residents who do not wish to receive Admail can call our hotline to be delisted under the mail preference option.

Moving forward, SingPost is working towards more targeted Admail so that residents receive materials that are more aligned to their lifestyle patterns. Such an arrangement will streamline what the recipient gets which will be things they find more useful and attractive.

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