Friday, April 2, 2010

SPA, Beauty Saloon, Slimming Center..

Recently there has been a number of reports of SPA, Beauty Saloon....etc shutting down suddenly leaving customers 'dry and stranded'. Some are trying to recover their package payment.

It is high time the authority takes notice of these centers which have been mushrooming all over Singapore. They normally persuade potential clients to take up expensive packages and pay for them out front.

There is a combine force by 3 such centers to market their expensive packages. One offers facial treatment, the other two offer hair and body slimming respectively. They have been advertising aggressively in the local papers, each taking up full page advertisement. They also took up prime slot in television program under the cover of health and education.

Consumers are paying for all these expensive advertising cost which went into their treatment package. Perhaps the costly package psychologically makes them believe it works and the product must be quality stuff since it costs so much. They could be in for a big surprise if they find out the product cost against the whole package deal.

How effective are these treatment packages ? It is anyone guess. Perhaps they do no harm, but if they are not delivering their 'promises', does it not constitute intention to mislead ?

Now even Yoga centers are jumping into the game. They are even more aggressive as they do 'cold calls' offering free trails. The aim is to try to get you down to their centers for them to 'work' on you to sign up for their package ultimately. Oh..there have been 'negative' reports of yoga center operation too in recent years.

Seems like the line between all these centers is blurring. Soon there could be a one stop center where one does her hair, face, soak in a spa and sweating it out at a yoga session. Wonder how much would such package cost ?

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