Monday, April 5, 2010

The Kind Hearted are being punished

Life is never fair. So here we have kind hearted folks having to pay between $500 to $1000 fine to AVA to save the cat / dog which do not belong to them from being terminated.

These are care givers who spend personal time and money to help strays which are abandoned by their owners. They have grew attached to these helpless animals and could not bear for them to be put down.

Town Council and AVA as usual take the easy way out to any feedback by the public on strays, - by rounding them off and killing them. Putting down healthy animals is cruelty.

What happened here is that there was an online posting about lack of cat ownership responsibilities by HDB dwellers. These are precisely the irresponsible pet owners who would abandon their pets without second thoughts when a child comes along, when the animal grow old and sick, or when their family gets tire of the pet.

They would often abandon their pet at HDB void deck or some other places far away from their current dwelling and leave the animal to its fate. Luckily for these abandon pets, there are kind hearted animal care givers around who take to helping them. But unluckily for them there are always people who want their environment spotless, clean and sterile. These folks would make a fuss to high handed officials like Town Council and AVA.

The root cause is irresponsible pets owners - these are the folks that should be dealt with severely. Why punished the innocent care givers ? They are doing the work which should come under the Town Council and AVA, sterilizing and looking after the strays. Of courses they would not view it as their work since these officials lack compassion. They would rather spend money and resources in rounding off and culling animals than sterilizing them to control their population, in spite knowing it is an more effective way.

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