Monday, April 26, 2010

More on violent

In my previous blog I was disappointed with a radical religious group for being so violent as to want to kill off a cartonist over his drawing. Now it is reported that another religious group is causing havoc in the well known university which is located in Pakistan. They too resort to violent to resolve issues. They beat a professor till he was unconscious for expelling them for their unruly behaviour.

An intolerant, aggressive minority group is terrorising the whole university of 30,000 students with their aggression. They block music classes, ban Western soft drinks and beat up male students for sitting near female students. Basically they are the one controling the university from its dormitories, cafeterias to snack shops.

They are like dictators, monitoring fellow students movement in dormitories and using religion as an excuse to bludgeon anyone who disagree with them as anti- religion.

These hooligans are using a place of study to perpetuate their 'brand' of faith. The university adminstration has her hands tied as this radical group has political backing. It is a case of a reputable university being ruin by selfish politicians.

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