Saturday, April 3, 2010

$1 to bring along a friend for FREE !

These are the advertising gimmicks for an upcoming seminar :

- VIP seat going for S$149, usual price is S$500 (an old trick but giving 'huge discount' still works, be it real or imaginery)

- GOLD category of seat costing S$49 is sold out (even though this is their 1st advertisement)

- General category of seat is $19, the usual price is $99 (how come the General category cost more than the GOLD seat? )

- add an additional S$1 to bring along a fried for FREE (how can it be free if $1 is paid? )

This seminar advertisment reminded me of supermarket discount gimmicks. Then the 'buy one get one free' (or rather paid only $1) - made me think about those pasa malam scene with the stall holders either shouting away or display large plycards advertising their cheap sales.

Somehow such gimmicks when used in promoting a seminar just do not gel well. Perhaps seminar is suppose to be educational and more 'serious' stuff, thus it sort of 'sploit' the image of training and education sector.

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