Tuesday, March 30, 2010

No More Cross-Country Buses ?

When I read the headline "No More Cross-Country Buses" I was under the impression they are taking away those bus services from Singapore to Malaysia, JB. Instead it is about 'long distant' public bus services locally.

What they want us to do is to make more transfers in getting to our destination, make MRT our main mode of transport if possible, claiming it will cut down waiting time and improving the quality of the journey.

Are they sure ? Our basic public transport infrastructure has been overtax in recent years. Making more transfers likely will incur more waiting time, not less. Try making a transfer at Outram or Dhoby Ghaut - the long distant walk required to reach the platform is time consuming. How can this be improving the quality of the journey ?

Nowadays, the MRT is so packed, often one have to wait for the next train. Can we board the 'short' distance transfer bus service is a big question mark. Buses nowadays are packed to the 'brim' even at the interchange during the morning peak hours.

Besides, unless one is in a rush or late, if not most will prefer the comfort of not having to make numerous transfers for the journey. Anyway, likely one would take a taxi in theses instances rather then transfer to the MRT.

At least if it is a 'long distant' bus service, one can take a cap nap or do some reading (if one is lucky to get a seat)...etc without the need to be on the look out when to alight and make a transfer. Common sense has it that it is more tiring and stressful to make numerous transfers for our daily trip to work and back home.

Do these folks penning policies about public transport know what they are talking about ? Have they taken public transport often enough to know what the average commuters are experiencing. Perhaps they have only taken public transport at 'opening ceremony' of new MRT station and newly renovated bus interchange ?

Besides, the claim that it will not cost more to make all these multiple transfers. Is this possible ? Who is absorbing the cost then ?

All these inefficiency resulting in 'long distant' bus route is due to poor planning. In the first place Singapore is only a tiny dot of an island. But due to the 'merry go round' bus route - the experience is like a 'cross country' trip. They should solve the problem at its root instead of creating more hassle for the commuters !

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