Friday, April 23, 2010

Why so violent ?

A radical religious group is threatening the creators of satirical cartoon South Park with violent retribution similar to the murder of Dutch film-maker in 2004 for his insensitive protrayal of them.

Why the violent and threat ? Why so sensitive ? Even if it is an insult - deal with it and demand an apology. Taking of life is going too far.

When India was under the British rule, Gandhi and the followers went through worst insult and humiliation, but they responded with non-violent passive resistant. India is an independent country now and Gandhi is still very much respected to this day.

Violent begets violent and it matters not which party wins, - they will not go down well in histroy and will never be accorded any respect.

Respect cannot be obtained through forceful means, these fanatic folks will only bring harm and dishonour to their religion through their violent acts.

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