Friday, April 23, 2010

Reality Strikes

It was reported that SATS union relationship with SIA union is bumpy due to the recent company restructure, whereby SATS becomes a separate entity and not under SIA anymore. SATS is unhappy that they are no longer entitle to SIA staff benefits such as travel, cargo rebate, culbhouse membership, etc.

Why is it so difficult for SATS staff to understand and accept this? The situation is similar to individual staff benefit. If you are a staff you are entitle to all the company's benefit. Once you are no longer with the compay, the benefit stops.

So instead of targeting their frustration at SIA, SATS union should work with SATS management on their staff benefit.

Perhaps their mentality is that of dependend childen that expects the parents to provide for them forever even after reaching adulthood stage ?

Maybe they liken their situation to that of a wife divorce from her rich husband. They are demanding that their ex-hubby (SIA) continues to pay their 'maintance fee.'

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