Thursday, March 11, 2010


It is a mockery that Singapore being a signatory of CITES which regulate animal trade activities is trying to import in 18 bottlenose dolphins for Marine Park Life, Resort World Sentosa. This is in spite of the legal and welfare concerns.

The recent fatal incident at SeaWorld, Orlando is a grim reminder that whales and dolphins in captivity suffer. It is not evidence enough that 12 of the 28 wild dolphins captured for Resort World Sentosa have died! The high mortality rate even before they are shipped to S'pore is shocking.

Sentosa already has 2 existing dolphins, to bring more in is plain irony since S'pore is suppose to support protection of wild animals (seems like it is only on paper). Should the dolphins died, they will be replaced and this creates the vicious cycle of perpetual capturing of dolphins from the wild.

The excuse given by Resort World is that it is for educational purposes. Why don't they be out front about it that it is all about profit generation instead. What sort of education are we talking about if we endanger the animals. Instead of protecting them Singapore is helping to 'extinct' them.

If Resort World is serious about education there are other means of doing so. They should not capture wild dolphins and train them perform just to please the public. This is certainly not education. In fact Resort World is imparting the wrong message to the public and the young that it is ok to capture wild animals, force them to perform, upset the eco system, endanger the species and ultimately drive them into extinction.

Perhaps Resort World can learn from Science Center whereby they regularly screen animals filmlets at Omni theatre which truly is educational. Without harming the animals, the public can learn how animals behave in their natural environment.

Please show your support against such inhuman act -Visit Facebook Group: I will boycott Resorts World Sentosa and its Marine Life Park.

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