Monday, March 8, 2010

SeaWorld at Orlando

The recent report of a performing whale at SeaWorld, Orlando killing its trainer is evident itself that animals should not be used for entertainment and force to spend their whole life in captivity living in stressful environment.

It is unbelievable that those running SeaWorld are in self delusion saying that it is another freak incident, that the whale is well behave and was playing with the trainer accidentally killing her. Come on, this is the 3rd time this whale has hurt someone !

Studies have shown that whales and dolphins being highly intelligent animals could suffer from depression living in captivity. Besides their sensitive hearing system makes them unsuitable to be in a performing arena, where the noise level is high subjected them to extreme stress. When animals are in stress, their behaviour becomes unpredictable.

The only reason SeaWorld continues to use this whale for performance is because they have invested heavily in it. The profit generated everyday is enormous. In fact, they only stop the show for less than 2 days for investigation before continuing as usual, as if nothing has happened.

It is not easy to trap whale in the wild and the years of training needed to prepare it to perform to a live audience. The dead rate is high amongst the trapped whales.

For those of you who care, please boycott all performances involving animals during your holidays overseas.

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