Sunday, March 21, 2010

Charity or Business ?

I do wonder if some religious organisations are running charity or doing business. Since they are exempted from taxation, one would expect them to focus their donation and resources into charity work.

However, from the recent reports of one such organisations paying 314 million to purchase part of Suntec City is disturbing. If they have accumulated so much fund, how much has been going into charity ?

I believe most who contributed is under the impression that the money is used to help the needy in society. But seems like some are using the religious charity front to amass large fund to go into business venture. There is also report that one is buying land and building a ultra modern entertainment center, which will also house the congregation of worshipers (if I remember correctly).

Looks like the vast amount of money which goes into getting or building a 'hip' place for worship is to attract more rich patron worshipers rather than for carrying out the good work of the Almighty. Wonder what the Almighty thinks of his flock of worshipers.

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