Monday, March 8, 2010

Veterinary Rescue Vehicle

There is this program on Tuesday night about animals. I have read about animal welfare groups rescuing stranded animals during natural disaster they are often left to die, since the focus is only on rescuing human.

But it I did not know about such humane set up in Western countries whereby they dispatch a veterinary vehicle together with the usual emergency response team like the police, fire engine and ambulance.

There was a kitchen fire and the family escaped with 2 of their 3 dogs. The 3rd dog was trapped in the house together with a cage of stick insects which the family kept as pets.

When the fire was extinguished, the animal rescue team attended to the dog and stick insects! In Asian country, it would be a miracle if the house dog/cat is saved during a disaster,...saving insects...well it is unheard of over here.

In recent years, keeping pets is in 'trend'. However truly caring for them is not in every pet owners mind. They are often abandon when a baby is added to the family, as the couple no longer has time for it. Or when the child of the family who asked for a pet gets tired of it. The cute little pet grew up and is not longer cute. The child is looking for another new toy for entertainment.

Going by the number of abandon animals each year and the reported cases of cruelty, I wonder when S'pore will ever reach the stage where we truly care about our four legged friends, not to mention six legged ....etc pets

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