Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Reading the 'Right' stuff is NOT Safe

How to trust the govt when they are only interested that we read the 'right' stuff regardless of our well being and safety. I am referring to the official PSI reading put up by them.

For years, before 1st April 14, they have been giving us PSI data base on PM10 (particular size) and leaving out PM2.5 in their compilation. PM2.5 are more hazardous as they can be inhaled into the lungs and could be carcinogenic (cancer causing).  In the context of S'pore, the haze from Indonesia has always resulted in much higher PM2.5 reading compare to PM10.

It is after much constructive 'noise' from enlightened public during last year when we were hit with the worst haze ever, that they finally incorporate PM2.5 reading into their PSI reporting effective 1st April this year.
From such official data they chose to provide the public with, it is clear that our health is the last thing on the govt mind. They only want the data to look 'good'. 

Another public feedback is their useless past historical data based on 3 and 24 hours averaging.  They are still sticking to such reporting. The govt is directly compromising public safety and health as no one will be taking precaution when they are hit with unhealthy/hazardous level of haze.  After the concern period is over (likely 1 to 2 hours later), then the official reading will show we had been hit, isn't that too late ?  Besides, the reading will be much lower, when the spot reading could have been 50 to 100% higher.

We have a Minister who is a doctor heading NEA. Surely he is well verse with health and safety issues.  It is sad that a professional doctor turned politician puts reading the 'right' stuff as priority over public health.

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