Sunday, September 28, 2014

Hong Lim Park Incident - NParks mess up or.?

When I read the Sunday Times report on Hong Lim Park incident, it was not surprising that Roy and Han were painted blacker than black. Next we have PAP ministers/MPs pouring more black paint onto the picture.

It is clear that either NParks is so dumb to give approval to 2 events which need loud speakers to reach out to audience or there is some dirty political scheming behind the scene. Are NPark officers all lacking in common sense to let 2 events held concurrently at the same time in close proximity to each other?  Did they mess up on purpose?

Sat CPF rally is the 4th to-date. The organiser has always announced the date/time of the next rally one month ahead.  So is MSM trying to make us believe that CPF rally intentionally crash with YMCA event?  They highlighted the approval date of NParks letter to YMCA which was weeks before that of CPF rally. However, YMCA had changed their event time twice. The original starting time was 10 am. The last round of time change had the event starting at 4pm and ending at 8pm. This clashes directly with CPF rally was from 4 to 7pm. 

With the govt wide net work of IB busy at work, how can they pretend not to know the date/time of the CPF rally. It was publicized in a few internet websites well in advance.

If there is really some scheming behind the whole incident, then it is indeed despicable that innocent children were used as pawn for the selfish motive of politician(s) in power. So the hypocrite minister claimed to care for the welfare of these kids. Could it be that he is milking these special need children for all they are worth for public sympathy to turn against Roy and Han instead?

To get to the truth of the matter,  watch the video clip on the event. Then judge how accurate is MSM report.  How to trust MSM when they do not report with conscience but to their 'master' wimp and fancy.  Reading the local MSM reminds one of North Korean, where the press is basically the propaganda machine of the govt.

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