Wednesday, September 10, 2014

PAP snake oil seller for 6.9M Population ?

Is ex-HDB planner, Liu Thai-Ker the delegated snake oil seller for PAP unpopular 6.9 million population target? This guy has been going around making speeches and giving interviews that 10 million is no issue in recent months. Is he trying to make the 6.9 million more palatable compare to 10 million?

Likely he thinks his past credentials will enable him to fool the public. Reminds us of  LKY who thinks he is 'God'.  But we have found out to our disappointment the hard truth about LKY is that he normally tells us only half truth. He is just another snake oil seller who is very good at selling himself to get all the credits not due to him for S'pore growth story.

Sure, it is a no brainer right - just tear down lower rise HDB flats through SERS (selective en bloc redevelopment scheme) and in the process make more money out by making poor folks buy another flat and then build 50- storey or even higher flat to house the 10 million.

This same joker was involved in the 1991 Concept Plan which target for 5.5 million. Now he changes his mind and double the figure!  It goes to show how bad in planning our govt is! They normally get their figures and projections wrong. But the worst part is that they still see themselves being 'brilliant' at their social engineering feat just because they are drawing enormous salary.

They still have not learned from the overloaded transport infrastructure and medical services which are still teething problems yet to be resolved.

As it is, our places of leisure and entertainment (parks, zoo, shopping malls...etc) are perpetually very crowded, not just during weekends like 20 years ago.  Every hour is peak hour for MRT, be it weekday or weekend.

So have Liu Thai-Ker look at the bigger picture? What about food, water and energy resources? What will happen if there is a global drought impacting food and water?  Flooding too can destroy crops in countries we import our food from.

S'pore is heading towards the nuclear energy path, which is derailed due to Japan's nuclear disaster. Likely we will be having underground nuclear plant if the 6.9 -10 million target is on PAP plate.

The irony is that our surface area is so small, we don't even have enough safe zone around the nuclear plant, thus the need to go underground.  Is it safe? I don't think so. With so many MRT tunnels and likely more underground malls and living space in future, our underground will be rather 'porous'. Any nuclear leak could be easily channel throughout the island.

Besides, our weather is getting warmer and warmer by the years.  Building more and higher flats will only increase the surface area emitting heat. More roads ? Tarred roads are a known culprit for increasing environmental ambient temperature.

Never trust snake oil sellers - they are short sighted and out to con the public to accept their policies.  They don't care what happen to future generations as they are not around take responsibility anymore.  As it is, even now they are always playing the pushing game when things go wrong.

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