Monday, September 22, 2014

PSI - Real Time and NOT Average Past Historical Data

Our government is hard of hearing. We the public have been telling them we want real time PSI reading and not be fed with useless average past 3 and 24 hours historical data.  Likely the only real reason they insist on giving us average past data is to make the reading look 'good'.

It is against logic and safety practices to give us past data which would not help us to make decision whether to carry on with our activities or remind indoors. PSI reading is similar to weather forecast. We want to know what is the current weather outlook and what is the forecast for the next few days. Since they do not give us historical report base on the past 3 days weather, why do they  insist on giving us historical data for PSI?

Take last Sun (21 Sep) for example.  It was reported that "The 3-hour PSI readings hovered in the moderate range through most of the day but crept up slowly from noon and broke into the unhealthy band of 116 at 8pm. At 9pm, it stood at 129."

If we were given real time data, likely the PSI spot reading would be much higher than 129 (which was based on 3 hr average). The time when we were hit with the strong haze would likely be around 6 to 7 pm and not 8 to 9 pm.

My nephew was having his Taekwando outdoor practice with his Sun class from 5.30-7pm. The instructor did not cancel the class because according to NEA report, the PSI reading was below 100psi which was suppose to be moderate during that period. The whole group of youngest were exposed to unhealthy level of haze due to the useless outdated PSI official reading.

How can construction companies make decision when to stop work when the official govt PSI reading is based on past average data ? Outdoor workers would have been exposed to hazardous haze level since the PSI reading is not real time.

For our own safety, do not rely on govt official PSI reporting.  Check out the real time data on this website instead: 

Don't read the 'right' stuff determine by the govt, as their data makes a lousy reference. The irony is that the govt is getting S'pore to be a 'smart' city. Yet they are so dumb to think they can fool us with such unreliable information.

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