Thursday, August 30, 2012

'Dashing' cat and Butterfly

Some stray cats have a peculiar habit. Lucky they make up the minority as their strange habit of dashing around is rather confusing to both the feeder and other strays. When a 'dashing' cat is fed, instead of enjoying its food, it will run over to another cat being fed and start eating its neighbour food.

So if a feeder is feeding a few strays, a 'dashing' cat will be running all over eating other cats' food. Some strays have this confuse looked in them, probably thinking "Why is he eating my food ?"  Others more dominant strays would 'scold' and chase it away.

Often wonder if this dashing habit is survival trait - get to eat more if it runs around swallowing others food. Is it due to greed or insecurity ? Sound pretty much like the human race.


Saw a butterfly at the ground floor of one of the HDB block. Seeing any 'friendly' insect in HDB is like striking the lottery as they are a rare occurrence. The frequent spraying of insecticide has killed off most tiny life forms except for resilient pest like cockroaches, flies and mosquitoes, which ironically are suppose to be the target group for extermination.

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