Friday, August 3, 2012

Ergonomically design Cat Food !

I was pretty amused when I came across a promotional leaflet for Iams cat food. Their improved cat kibbles (dry biscuits) are ergonomically designed so that they are easier to pick up by the cats eating them. According to the pamphlet, "The enhanced design provides a more natural "mouth feel" which cats prefer."

The leaflet is informative and an interesting read. I just learned that a cat's jaw can only move up and down and that 75% of cat owners consider their cat as fussy eaters. This is their sell strategy - a good one. So get your kitty Iams kibbles as your cat bound to love them since they smell and taste great. They even looked into the texture and feel of the kibbles.

Think I shall get my cat some to make him purr as he makan. After all he is 12 years old and deserve the best to keep him happy and healthy. Some cats purr when fed. Mine don't. Perhaps Iams kibbles will make him 'be over the moon' as he eats ?

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