Saturday, August 25, 2012

Idling and Unproductive

It is a common sight to see only 1 worker WORKING and the rest of the workmen looking on idly. Just today, saw a worker operating an excavator and 4 others standing by looking bored. No wonder productivity in S'pore keep sliding down and down. With so much cheap import of labour and local wages suppressed, companies can afford to hire workers by the dozens and don't bother about putting them to productive work.

Most construction sites have a worker standing by the main entrance the whole day. He is suppose to ensure traffic safety when heavy vehicle enter/leave the site.  There is usually a guard post at the entrance. The security guard could have easily taken on this role as the vehicular movement is seldom heavy throughout the day. A worker could be deployed to the area when there is a need, instead of standing there doing nothing most of the time. I often see such worker looking sleepy and bored. 

In fact a saw one so 'turn off' that he did not even hear the heavy truck honing to get his attending to clear some vendors holding a conversation near the site entrance. I don't see how traffic safety can be improved with a man standing at the entrance the whole day when his mind is bored to death instead of being alert.

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