Friday, August 3, 2012

S'pore Bronze medal in Olympics

Seems like most S'poreans did not feel our pride swell when our table tennis players won a bronze medal. This is not normal, as rightly we should be deliriously happy that our team won a medal. After all it has been decades since our last medal at the Olympics.

One of the reasons is she is a foreign talent bought over by our govt with $$$. I think the main reason is there is a lack of connection between these foreign talents and us. After years in S'pore, most of them, if not all are still very foreign. Their mannerism and speech just to name some aspects.

She was interviewed and as expected spoke in heavily accented Mandarin. In her interview, she did not use the more endearing term 'my country' in Mandarin, but use the word S'pore - just like foreigner would do when talking about another country.

There is a table tennis match this evening - S'pore vs Poland. As usual our team is represented by foreign talent. The Poland player is using her left hand as her right hand is amputated below the elbow. I find myself hoping that she will win. She must have a hard time proving herself. Being able to represent her country in Olympics is likely a tough fight for her. Pity Poland lost. Did I feel proud or happy that S'pore won ? No.

It is sad, but many of us feel this way.

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