Friday, August 24, 2012

Myna & Curry Sauce

Saw two Myna birds dipping their beaks into the container of left over curry sauce at MacDonald. They ignored the left over French fries at the next table. They seems to have acquire a taste for spicy stuff.  I would have thought they will go for the French fries instead.

The bins are near by and yet patrons did not clear their trays after eating. So much for being considerate. Anyway it 'benefited' the birds as they get to have a go at junk food.  But then since it is junk food, perhaps they do not benefit after all as they may become obese birds if they make it a point to hang 'over' the fast food outlet for easy pick of food.

I recalled this advertisement for some brand of sauce. This duck wanders over to the boy, grabs a piece of French fries from him and instead of eating it, dips it in the sauce first. Good humour.

Perhaps MacDonald could use these Myna birds to promote their curry sauce, - so good that even the birds love them. But they would not be able to promote their French fries at the same time as these Mynas don't seem to like them.

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