Sunday, September 23, 2012

Unbelieable - $11k psf for a 355 sq ft unit ! !

Unbelievable - paying $11,261 psf for a 355 sq ft  unit ($4 million) at Sim Lim Square ! The 2nd highest for the same commercial building went for $1,689 psf  for a 1066 sq ft shop unit ($1.8 million).  Really wonder what sort of business is those buyers involve in. Perhaps they buying with the intention of flipping them in the near future.

So property investors / speculators are moving from Housing to Commercial and Industrial units. This is not good for ordinary citizens as the cost of living is heading up and up. The cost of doing business is getting ridiculously high with such unbelievable fix cost. With so much Reits in the market, rental is heading North too. Inflation is our permanent resident and eroding our savings.

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