Monday, October 28, 2013

PA's Headquarter is formal Victoria School

Formal Victoria School at Tyrwhitt Rd is now PA's Headquarter (HQ) with a new address - 9 King George's Ave. Perhaps the new address is because King George sound grand compare to Tyrwhitt, after all it is PA's HQ. It is a known fact that PA is link intimately with PAP. Its current chairman is PM, Lee (son). Their past 2 chairmen were our formal ex-PMs, Lee (daddy) and Goh.

The architecture reminds me of that of our National Museum, with the new building connected to the original one at the 2nd story by link way. The 2-story old school building is linked to the new 5-story one in similar way.

My 1st impression is it smells of insecticide - all the way from the building boundary to inside the building.  The place has lots of greenery, interior plants and landscape gardens.  This explains the generous spray of insecticide, to prevent any PAP 'big shot' gracing the HQ from being bitten. There are many folks attending PA organized activities and it would be embarrassing news should they get dengue from association with PA.  It is unthinkable that PA's HQ become another dengue cluster, just after the recent announcement that Orchard Rd - the popular shopping belt for tourists, has been infested by dengue mosquitoes. Matters not if human health is impaired by inhalation of poisonous insecticide and the killing off all other harmless insects, even if there is no mosquitoes around.

The new PA's HQ is tastefully landscaped.  This is a contrast to the formal Victoria School which was a gloomy dimmed building. The old school used to house the all boys secondary and mixed gender Pre-U students in one building.  After Victoria school moved to Marine Parade, it separated into 2 schools - Victoria Secondary and Victoria JC.

The old building was later used by some other educational institutions (Christ Church Sec School..?) for many years before being taken over by PA.  Hope the old school building would be preserved as part of our heritage for its architecture.  But then we never know, as the site is in prime location and with its large field, it is worth a lot of money should PA sells it for private housing development.  Perhaps this could be the reason PA 'invested' in it ?  Wonder how much PA paid for the site.

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