Thursday, October 10, 2013

What is the cause of fire at SingTel Bt Panjang Exchange?

I was curious as to the cause of the fire at SingTel Bt Panjang Exchange.  No wonder I was left in the blur, as reading Breakfast Network blog confirmed that the cause of fire is not reported. Is there some form of 'cover-up' by MSM ? Would not the cause of fire be one of the top priority of questions being asked by any decent professional reporter ?

If SingTel safety officer could not find the cause, surely SCDF is able to. So why the silent? Is the cause of fire too embarrassing to announce ? Poor housekeeping couple with infringement of no smoking policy? This is a sure recipe for fire. Or could it be poor safety practices on hot work procedure? Then again, if there no accumulation of combustible materials - a fire cannot start even with heat - so it points to poor housekeeping again. 

If I am not mistaken, the cable chamber should be relatively 'combustion free'. There should be nothing there except cables. Cable insulators do not burn so easily. There is likely combustible materials around it. So what is it ?

The standard of local news even in simple issue like fire reporting is disappointing. When it comes to govt policies and political issues - it will be worst as MSM tip-toe around these 'sensitive' topics. No wonder so many formal MSM readers have given up altogether and switch to internet for their daily news dose.

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