Monday, October 21, 2013

PM Lee's CC and FT

I lost my way while trying to locate Teck Ghee Community Center (CC) in Ang Mo Kio, as I am not a resident there.  I asked a passer-by its location, and was asked in turn if I was looking for Lee Hsien Loong's CC.

So now we have community center belonging to the PM ?  I suppose it just meant it is under his zone in the housing estate. Wah - this CC must be very 'famous' in Ang Mo Kio, I thought to myself, since it is referred to as PM's CC.

I was told to take bus 261 and asked the bus driver to inform me where to alight. I did exactly that, but unfortunately the driver is a 'foreign talent' (FT).  He told me he did not know and asked me to find out from the other bus passengers.  Sigh ! This is a common occurrence whenever we encounter FT bus drivers. We consider ourselves fortunate when he don't lost his way and drives around in circle.

Bus 261 is a loop feeder service with less than 20 bus stops, thus there is no excuse for any responsible driver not to know prominent landmarks (eg. CC, schools, polyclinic, market, shopping malls....)around the bus route.  Perhaps it is just that even a CC associated with our PM does not ring a bell at all to a FT. After all what is our PM compare to those leaders from Asian powerful country where our FT comes from.

What can be said with certainty is that if the driver is a local, he will be able to help me. 

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