Thursday, October 10, 2013

Burning of PSLE assessment books/paper

I read with disappointment that an adult could be so insensitive to the environment and the danger of fire to organize a books/papers burning session for children around his neighborhood.

Even after the bad spell of haze this year, it never occur to him that he is teaching the children wrong value.  There is a law prohibiting open burning. NEA should go after this man.

Besides, one of the things parents teach their kids is never to play with fire. This man who is father himself is setting a very bad example. If there is wind, and with so much highly combustible papers, the fire can get dangerous. Any one standing in the wind direction of the fire can be badly scorched by the flame. The ashes and dust could get into the eyes and respiratory track.

He should have think before he organized such foolish event for PSLE kids to let of steam. A better option is to gather the kids together in front of a recycle bin(s). Tell them to let of steam by tearing up the assessment books and papers before flinging them into the recycle bin(s). It is environmentally friendly, hazard free and does not compromise the children health.

Wonder why no kid challenged him on his suggestion of open air burning. After all, environment protection is one of the tested chapter in PSLE. 

Let there be more responsible adult(s) after next year PSLE, so that our neighborhood kids are not led astray by foolish ideas. Let there be more thinking kids who do not follow blindly stupid suggestion just because it comes from an adult.

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