Saturday, November 2, 2013

Heart break being a stray caregiver

A stray cat I looked after for 5 years died this week of suspected kidney problem (drink alot).  It is very painful for me this time round as this cat had been accompanying me during my morning exercise almost everyday for the past 5 years.  In fact, it was closer to me and I am more attached to it than my own pet at home.

I believe in euthanasia to prevent an animal from unnecessary suffering when the end is near. Though the decision is hard to make, I have done it before for my own pets and strays in the past. I failed to make the call this time due to my strong emotional attachment to this dignify stray.  I have been delaying it till it is too late. It remained 'posed and dignified' till its last day. I know it was getting weaker and losing weight as it was hardly eating, but it never failed to turn up in the morning to greet me. 

The last day I saw it, it was sticking more closely to me than usual. I wanted to make the call that day but it looked 'better' as it was more active following me around.  The next day it was gone. Strays normally hide in the drains to die. 

I wish I had made the call days or weeks earlier, perhaps it could have eased its suffering. How I wish they could communicate when they are ready to leave this world.  Some, like this stray, are so resilience and have such strong life force it is so difficult to know if they want to fight till the end or go peacefully earlier. 

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