Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Ms Aung San Suu Kyi

Ms Aung is here only for a few days and she can see what S'pore really is, which PM and his daddy could not.  Ms Aung has said that : her country should not seek to recreate S'pore's policies and institutions. 

Here we have an honest truth from a great political figure.  S'pore policies and institutions have always been praised sky high by PAP (nothing new as they loved to praise themselves) and other country leaders who wanted to be polite and 'politically correct' when visiting S'pore.

We can see a visionary leader in Ms Aung when she said, "That make me think..what is the purpose of a workforce...of work..of material wealth ? Is that the ultimate aim of human beings, is that what we all want ? In a sense, I want to probe more into successes of S'pore and to find out what we can achieve beyond that."

Ms Aung acknowledged that material achievement is necessary to a certain extent to enable us to be free from want.  However, there are many intangible things which material achievement could not provide -  love, loyalty and many things that helped us survive that had little to do with material achievement.  She summed up that S'pore could learn from Myanmar a more relaxed way of life, warmer and closer family relationships.

Ms Aung has shown what confident leadership is.  Our PM is sorely lacking in this aspect. He refrained from taking live questions from reporters when visiting overseas. Even in his home ground, he avoids live forum but prefers recorded questions of 'ask the PM'. He needs to filter the questions and have prepared answers before he appeared in the TV forum last night.

If foreign talent can be bought with money, which PM and his gang think so, then we should get Ms Aung to replace our PM.  But we know Ms Aung could never be bought with all the diamonds and gold in the world.  PM and his cabinet of ministers should have a lesson of integrity from Ms Aung, as they need to be paid handsomely to serve their country without corruption in mind.

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