Sunday, September 29, 2013

Dependants under Non-Residents

It is reported that S'pore population growth has 'slowed'. We are currently at 5.4 million, out of which 1.55 million are non-residents. It is also reported that our aging population is a great concern and figures were cited how the ratio of working adult supporting non-working elderly is declining.

It is noted that in the statistic given regarding non-residents, the 2nd largest percentage is from 'dependents' group.  They are dependents of citizens, PRs, and work permit holders. Understandable the largest percentage goes to Work Permit holders which accounts for 46%.

Dependents would include children and parents, but I am not sure what other family relationship they allow in under long term visitor pass which could be easily renewed (sibling, in-law, grandparent ??). The statistic did not tell us what percentage is inactive retired seniors. But from daily observation, they are a common sight in parks for their morning exercise.

Dependents make up 15% which is higher than 13% of domestic workers. Is this not a concern ? Dependents are economically non active and they would contribute negatively to the working adult to elderly support ratio. Does it make sense to have 1 new citizen or PR....etc bringing in 2 retired elderly parents?  If they are allowed to apply for long term visitor pass for other relations, this is even worst. How does this aggressive intake of foreigners help in boosting our fertility rate, when there is a big question mark if they will  have children or if their children will remain in S'pore.

But what is done deal is that it will definitely increase our aging population.  It would seems like S'pore is supporting the elderly of other countries by taking them in.  Is this not an irony ?

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