Tuesday, September 17, 2013

96% are considerate bus commuters ?

Being a regular bus commuter, one of the unpleasantness is inconsiderate fellow bus commuters. The most irritating is unable to squeeze up the bus though there are plenty of standing room at the rear of the bus. The 2nd is having difficulty alighting from the bus due to folks blocking the exit.

Recently a new poster is put up in the buses which states that -  96% said they will move in to let others board the bus, and ask  'are you one of them ?'  Before this was a poster that encouraged commuters to give up seat to those who need them.  I have no issue with the 'older' poster, though it reveals the failure of decades of courtesy campaign.

The recent poster message is a blatant lie if they did not conduct any survey, which likely they did not. If they did, it only confirms how unreliable survey is as people say what is socially acceptable, but act in an entirely different manner in real life.

What happens on ground level is more of the reverse.  96% don't care what happen around them once they boarded the bus. They are absorbed in their handphones and other electronic gadgets, chatting with their friends if they are in a group.  They are unaware that other commuters are trying to board the bus or alight from it, while others are struggling to get pass them.

All these posters to teach and encourage folks to do the right thing such as giving up seat to the elderly, not behaving as if you are the only one in the bus - are so basic.  Why has folks become so self- center?

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