Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Local Current Issue Programs

There are a number of TV programs focusing on current issues like :

-Talking Point - The Vote
-On The Red Dot
-It Figures

Just tonight we have Talking Point over CNA at 8pm discussing if enough has been done for the disable in our society. Then at 9pm over at Channel 5, On The Red Dot also covered disable issue. It is noted that a single topic will be cover by 2 or more programs over a short period of time.

This week we also have It Figures talking about how much it takes to bring up a child. Next week another program will discuss low fertility rate which is along similar line.

Sometimes it gets confusing as we thought we have watched the program before, but it is actually another program covering the same topic. Can't different programs cover different issues for the month?  After all, most of the issues discuss are not something new and neither will they be resolve any time soon.  Issues such as transport and housing woes, lack of infrastructure and social support for the disable, low fertility rate, high healthcare cost...etc.

Such programs will come in very handy as PAP propaganda tool when they wishes to brain wash us to accept their flaw policies. All they need to do is to invite 'politically correct' guests in their panel of discussion (such as Prof Eugene Tan).  So they can drum into us nightly or even twice a night, on how affordable or how good a certain policy is in helping us. It is so good that they make it compulsory to ensure all of us cannot escape. We have no choice but to pay for it dearly.   

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