Wednesday, September 25, 2013

LKY is nothing compare to other great leaders

He recently published another book about himself again. Sigh!

When it comes to writing autobiography and books about himself and his 'achievement', no other political leader can come a close 2nd to LKY.  He has churned out so many books about himself that it is an embarrassment to S'poreans that our 1st PM cannot see beyond his nose how insignificant he is in the world stage of great leaders.

LKY is nothing compare to great and selfless leaders like M.K. Gandhi (India) and Sun Yet Sen (China). Gandhi is a father figure to Indians. Dr Sun is the founding father of modern China.  Then we have closer to home and current political figure like Aung San Suu Kyi, who is addressed lovingly by Burma citizens as 'Mother'.  None of them have spent their life time writing book after book to glorify themselves as these humble and wise leaders were too busy serving their country and people.

Do we have any S'poreans calling LKY 'father" ? NO.  Do S'poreans think he is our founding father? NO again. But LKY will make sure his created history has it that he is father of S'pore.  We know the air in his head has infinite volume.

Here we have LKY, churning out 'tons' of books about himself.  Self praise is international disgrace indeed.  He is still clinging  on to power though physically weak and mentally slow.  Public fund is till used to pay for his handsome salary though he is hardly doing anything to serve the public. He is just busy getting his assistant to record down his personal history in another autobiography.

LKY can only be compared to the likes of political power crazy and self serving figures like Mao Zedong (China) and Kim Jong-il (North Korea). How he wishes he can brain wash all S'poreans like what Mao and Kim did to their citizens. LKY must have dreamed of having his big portrait hang all over the country and after his death to have his body preserved forever to glorify himself even after death.

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