Thursday, June 20, 2013

We are smoked left and right

None of my family members smoke. But our health is compromised yearly due to the haze from Indonesian. Businesses spend million to ensure their factories discharge does not cause air pollution. Drivers pay a premium for petrol locally as it contains less lead content to minimize air pollution.

The list can go on.... but what is the point when our air is polluted yearly and our govt kept saying there is not much they can do as it is Indonesian domestic affair ?  How can it be their domestic affair if the air pollution is spreading to so many neighbouring countries and affecting millions of people ?

Only short sighted irresponsible politicians can push away responsibility for not doing enough to protect their citizens by uttering such lame excuses.

There are long term consequences and our future generation will suffer from global warming and weather changes.

But year after year, all we see is both Indonesian and our local officials giving excuses regarding the serious problem. The haze has been around for nearly 2 decades !  No excuse is acceptable anymore.

We have enough of smoked inhalation and our own govt also wants to smoke us with suspicious PSI reading. How to trust a govt when the 'right thing' they want us to read may not be the true thing ?

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