Sunday, June 23, 2013

PSI reporting goes agaist Safety/Health Principle

The present method of PSI reporting base on the past 3 hours and 24 hours average data is NOT useful to the public.

What we need is current hourly reading which will be helpful for us to make decision whether to proceed our activity and what safety precaution we should take to protect our health.

Providing us with the past 3 hours or 24 hours average reading does not reflect the current situation and may also give a false sense of safety as the spot reading could be very much higher.

Most of us have learn not to rely on the reported PSI reading to make daily 'haze' precaution decision. We use our visual judgement.

What is the point of having all these high tech monitoring system when the public have to relay on their own personal judgement.

Besides, it time NEA change our reference public reporting base on 2.5 micro particle size used in API standard instead of the current 10 micro, since the formal is more hazardous to health.

The current method of PSI reporting goes against safety and health principle. For public well- being, NEA needs to be more transparent and not give the public a false sense of safety.

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