Tuesday, June 25, 2013

CNA, Talking Point : Haze

The NEA representative on Talking Point also asked the public to look out the window to decide how severe the haze is and whether to close the window or not. Sigh ! He is actually admitting all these PSI reporting based on historical 3 and 24 hours averaging is useless.  We the public has been telling NEA and the govt the obvious and yet they turn a deaf ear.

But the chap from NEA still insisted that there is no need to change to hourly reporting. Basically, he is trying hard to defend NEA illogical reporting method.  It goes against common sense and is an unsafe practice.

Looks like he cannot even recall the range for PM2.5 for healthy, moderate and hazardous level. He kept asking the public to refer to NEA website during the program.  If NEA representative has problem, imagine how confuse the public is with all these different range, averaging and health advisory.

Why make things so complicated. Just do hourly reporting base on PM2.5. The health advisory guideline should be based on this range too.

The doctor they invited to the program is very professional and give sensible advise. In fact, he is so good that the incompetent NEA chap tries to play taiji and ask the public to consult their doctor when they are in doubt if they should use respiratory protection. NEA is hopeless !

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