Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Save My World ??

It is an irony that we have this environmental song clip 'Save My World' blasting away every day and the air pollution in S'pore has reached the highest unhealthy level in 16 years on 17/6/13, reaching an unhealthy range of 155 psi.

What is the point of having all these legislation on air population locally to keep our air clean when every year without fail we are hit by haze attack from Indonesia. This has been happening for around 2 decades!

All these high level talks between countries year after year  have not shown any concrete result in solving the problem. Funds have been wasted for years trying to help Indonesia control the haze. It is just money down the drain. We have in the past also send equipment and personnel over to help fight their fire.

Our govt loves to sue, but look like they are only quick to take action against their own citizens. But when it comes to protecting well being of the citizens, they are helpless.  Walk the talk if they are serious in environmental protection and take legal action against Indonesia on pollution Asia. Show some leadership and get Asean countries suffering the same fate to act against Indonesia. The problem is there is a lack of political will amongst Asean leaders to resolve the issue.

Talk is cheap. Campaign which our govt is very good at is easy to execute. Just pour money and get advertising agency and civil service to carry it out.  But effective action  is what counts. The haze problem has a long term impact and contribute to global warming. It is a bigger issue than just yearly health problem suffer by unlucky neighbours of Indonesia.  So if S'pore govt is serious about contributing to 'Saving' the world - ACT (action and not wayang) and stop talking.  Two decades of verbal exchange has gotten us no where !

Our govt should not spent so much money on the air time for 'Save My World'.  Might as well use it to buy face mask for distribution to all the citizens. In all likelihood, they will wayang their way about the haze issue again this year.

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